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Jakarta 1 Desember 2007


Sabang on Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh`s natural beauty and unspoilt environment, the laid-back athmosphere of its beaches, the easy going life in it`s small main town Sabang have made it increasingly popular and loved by a growing number of foreign tourists and travellers. Blessed with eternal sunshine, overwhelming coral-reefs and spectacular rain-forests quite a few tourists get spellbound and stay much longer than originally intended and many wish to return again to this "GOLDEN ISLAND" as it was called during times gone past.

Banda Aceh`s Main Terminal
For public transportation is in Setui, approximately 2 km from the town center. Long distance buses to Medan and other destinations leave from here, also minibuses (labi-labi).

The Minibus Terminal
Situated at jalan Diponegoro close to the main market (pasar). Minibuses to destinations in the vicinity of Banda Aceh leave from here, also to the Malahayati harbour near Kreung Raya (ferry to Balohan-Sabang).

The Harbour of Malahayati
Near Kreung Raya is situated some 34 km from Banda Aceh. It`s the embarkation point for the ferry "KM Pulau Rubiah" which leaves twice daily for Sabang (except Tuesday and Wednesday). The ferry transports not only passengers but also cars and motobikes.

Withtin its beatiful bay is the arrival point on the island of Pulau Weh (Sabang). The ferry crossing usually takes some 2,5 hours for the approximately 16 miles long trip.

Puncak Sabang
The summit, offers a great view over the lake of Anoek laut, the Bay of Sabang and it`s Island Klah, over hills covered with protected forests. This scenic spot is located near the village of Cot Ba`U.

The Lake of Anoek Laut
Literally the child of the sea, lies some five kilometers of Sabang. It serves as a water reservoir for the town and is surrounded by protected rain forest and orchards. An idylilic and peaceful area.

The Swembak
The swimming pool. was built by the Dutch colonial powers in the 1920`s. Cool spring water which has its source in the surrounding forest, clad hills provides for a refreshing swim. Recently the pool underwent extensive renovation and offers now much better facilities for swimmers.

The bay of Sabang
With its scenic beauty is surrounded by gentle rolling hills and protected against the sea by the Island of Klah. International Cruise ships anchor here occasionally.

A Tree Lined Road
overlooks the town of Sabang and the bay with its harbour. Huge rain trees, originally from South America and tamarind trees were planted here along the road some hundred years ago by the Dutch. the view from here is just spectacular.

Sabang Hill
Is a tranquil and relaxing place just outside of town. It offers great views and some heritage building like the seint post, a look out tower facing the staits of Malacca.

Taman Ujung Asam
Is a recreational area next to the sea with benches and small pavilions. Popular amongst the locals in the late afternoon.

Pantai Kasih
Literally Beach of Love, is the closest beach to the town of Sabang and very popular during weekend.

Pantai Tapak Gajah
Elephant footprints Beach, is a white sand beach with a safe pool formed by an old reef making it a safe swimming spot for children.

Pantai Sumur Tiga
Thee well Beach, is the longest beach on Pulau Weh and lined with some fresh water springs. Close to the village of Ie Meulee it presents the picture of a tropical beach.

Anoi Hitam (Tanah Hitam)
Black Land, is a black sanded beach due to its volcanic origin. It lies some 12 km outside Sabang town and offers nice views.

Japanese Fortifications

Benteng are scattered all over Pulau Weh which is also called the Island of a Thousand Forts. They were built during the second World War by the Japanese Occupation Army. Most are facing the sea and offer great views.
The most well known is located next to the beach in the village of Anoi Itam.

Waterfall at Pria laut
Is the only waterfall on Pulau Weh. The river of Pria laut which has its source in the mountains of Sarung Kris forms this multi tiered waterfall in the middle of rain forest. it can easily be found some 1,5 km from the main road to iboih at the village of Pria Laut.

Pantai Pasir Putih
A white sand beach, is situated some 17 km from Sabang next to the village of Paya. It`s popular camping area for local tourists.

The Hot Spring
Are 21 km from Sabang at the village of Keuneukai. A pool has been built which is fed by a hot spring. Its hot sulphuric water is said to have therapeutical effects and makes for a relaxing bath. The spot is popular amongst foreign and local tourist.

Pantai Long Angen
Often called Wind Long Beach is located halfway between Iboih and Gapang Beach. Simple wooden bungalows offer a nice retreat at these small beaches, surrounded by tropical forest. Close to it are Gua Sarang, the Swallows Nest Caves.

Gapang Beach
Is a well known tourist destination on Pulau Weh next to Iboih. It offers the most complete selection of accommodation and is famous amongst divers and snorkellers for its great variety of corals and fish.

Pantai Iboih (Iboih Beach)
The former fishing village Iboih have become the most popular and known tourist area on Pulau Weh. A wide range of bungalowa are situated here and a dive center is offering its serices. Diving,snorkeling and just sun bathing around the beach and the little Island Rubiah are best loved activities amongst the tourists.

Rubiah Sea Garden
Circles the little Island Rubiah just opposite the beach of Iboih. the surrounding waters, protected by a marine reserve, are teeming with a great variety of corals and coral fishes.

Pulau Rubiah (Rubiah Island)
opposite the beach of Iboih is a small unpopulated island covered with secondary forest. Its surrounded by a stunning coral reef. Remnants of a pilgrimage station, now overgrown, can still be found. According to a local legend an unfaithful princess with the name of Rubiah was exiled here.

Ujung Ba`U or Kilometer Nol

Kilometer Zero Point lies at the westernmost end of Indonesia.
A monument has been erected here in the middle of a protected nature reserve. Its location is some 8 km from the tourist area of Iboih.