Monday, November 5, 2007





Sabang Zone has coastal awaters by much variety Biological and on the offshore that is productive for fishery catching, because location of Sabang Zone is strategic. Fishery sector is one of the leading sector to develop The Free Trade and Free Port Zone of Sabang in future. It has good prospect to create the growth of economy territorial either coastal area in Sabang Zone or coastal are in the West of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Therefore the orientation of integreted fishery development not only to raise foreign exchange but also to increase the welfare in coastal-community.

  • Sabang Zone covers by Hindia Sea, Benggala Strait, Mallaca Strait, and Economic Exclusive Zone (ZEE), it has much potential fish resources
    - Wide of Sea Coastal : + 55.563 square meter
    - Wide of ZEE : + 238.807 square meter
  • Having the network of sea transportation with the area of surround Sabang.
    Coming in to economy coorporation of Sub Regional Indonesia-Malaysia- Thailand (IMT GT).
  • Having the zone of fish cultivation as long as Wef Island and Pulo Aceh Island.
    Having the potantial of fish cultivation
  • International Fishery Center.
  • Fish catching
  • Export of fishery via sea and air cargo
  • Dockyard
  • Fishery Processing Factory
  • Cold Storage
  • Other Fishery investment