Tuesday, November 6, 2007




Currently expanding plantation system in Sabang’s area is a plantation owned by the local people whose plantation commodity is adequately wide. This plantation commodity is planted in three districts of BPKS (Exertion Body of Free Trade Area) area covering coconut, clove, hybrid coconut, cacao and walnut. Coconut plantation predominates among other kinds of plantation. The area of this plantation is respectively 2,654 hectares in Sukajaya with yearly production of 937 tons, 1443 hectares in Sukakarya with yearly production of 504 tons and 2450 hectares in Aceh Island with production of 504 tons.

Lack of land productivity is generally caused by lack of way of management and infrequent fertilization intensity. Coconut is a high local variety and if it is more than 25 years of age, it will be no longer productive. The unavailability of modern and wide-scaled producers of copra makes the price of coconuts so low and unstable. Furthermore, it is very determined by the buyers (brokers).

Due to the adequate width of the local people’s plantation, hence all commodities need to be well managed from the viewpoint of cultivating technique, harvesting, crop processing and institutional aspect that the crop obtained by the farmers can raise their earnings and in turn may guarantee more proper life.

The urgent matter besides preparing infrastructure after harvest is the matter of replanting of, primarily, local coconuts. More productive coconuts (hybrid) need to replace them immediately. In addition, financial institution like banking loan for the replanting is much needed so that the renewal of the old ones can be executed right on schedule and intentionally it will not encumber the people.