Monday, November 5, 2007



BPKS Briefview


The history of Sabang journey in past had left good memory supported by existing area potency and also the spirit of area autonomy , stipulated Sabang and Pulo Aceh as Sabang Free Trade Zone and Free Port through Law Number 37 year 2000 has lead to this zone as centre growth of economics activity for society of Sabang Zone in local scale to global market of ASEAN/AFTA and APEC year 2020. Founded BPKS in Sabang on February 18th, 2001 with Decision of Governor of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province as Chairman of Sabang Zone Council Number 193 / 034 concerning Forming of Mangement Board of Sabang Free Trade Zone and Free Port.

BPKS’ domicile is in Sabang City and has 2 representative offices that are in Banda Aceh and Jakarta. BPKS is element Executor of Sabang Zone Council in organizer sector and development of Sabang Zone, under of Sabang Zone Council (DKS) and hold responsible to DKS. BPKS also co-ordinate and synchronization with function and duties Local Government of Sabang City and Local Government of Great Aceh District.

BPKS is formed institute to improve the role of local government in implementation of development, supporting means of infrastructure requiring big investment and also stimulate entry of capital current and investment to Sabang Zone, that was intrinsically addressed to importance of prosperities and publics with.

Development program priority of Sabang Zone is supported by good natural resources and opportunity of high valuable potency, BPKS Sabang carry out development at 4 sectors that are fishery sector, tourism sector, industry sector and trade and service sector.

Sabang Zone as Free Trade and Free Port Zone has specified for the duration of 70 year (Law Number 37 Year 2000), so that optimize the opportunity, potency and comparative advantage and also competitive to strategic of geographical positions in shipping line and international trade by effort the abundance of natural resource that can realize mission and vision of BPKS toward to innovative enterpreneurship zone.