Monday, November 5, 2007



One Stop Service


The authority of Entrepreneurship Body of Sabang’s area in permit mechanism of one roof in accord with Regulations 37/2000 in general is as floows:

1. Giving business permit and other business permits to entrepreneurs who want to develop his/her business in Sabang’s area after delegation of authority.
2. Giving approval of investment proposal in reference to PMA / PMDN
3. Refusing/giving approval of investment in reference to PMA / PMDN
4. Submitting application and application to the authoritative institution in issuing permit.
5. Executing operation and observation of the execution of capital investment and an effort to look for statutory licensing which is still processed by the authoritative institution to issue permit.


Explanation :
• Investor proposes investment permit to BPKS
• For the PMDN, licensing is processed in BPKS
• For PMA, it is forwarded to BKPM as to get investment permit.
• Licensing handled by technical institution will be forwarded to technical institution in accord with the concerned business field.
• Supporting permit will be forwarded to related institution like IMB, HGU, HGB, AMDAL, etc.
• The copy of sectoral permit and supporting permit already obtained is delivered to BPKS as conditions to be enclosed in investment permit.