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Weh Island has its own uniqueness, natural beauty and historical places. Besides the ancient fortresses and cannons, there are still many more interesting spots of the past. Some of them are as follows:

Rubiah Sea Garden

Rubiah Sea Garden, located about 23.5 km Westside of Sabang, can be reached by land, or about 7 km by boat and it is adjacent to Iboih village. Indonesian government has determined this territorial waters, about 2600 hectares wide around Rubiah Island, as a special nature reserve. Located in Sabang bay on which the water is relatively calm and very clear (25 m visibility), the sea here is filled with many kinds of coral reefs and motley fish. Here you can find gigantic clams, angel fish school of parrot fish, lion fish, sea fans, and still many more.

For the experienced snorkeling lovers, stingrays and octopus can be seen here. Sunbathing can be done on beautiful beaches facing each other with white and smooth sand. This place is a heaven for snorkeling and diving lovers. The coral reefs are only 5 km long from the sandy beaches.

Accommodation in form of food and lodging is availably provided in Iboih village. Iboih is beautiful small village. Its condition and resident service are so much supporting the pleasure of enjoying the environment attraction.
Iboih National Park Tour is a protected area located adjacent to Rubiah Sea Garden and about 1300 hectares wide. This forest is a tropical rain forest and the density of its rainfall is still high, however, this condition still may attract visitors to enjoy its natural beauty. It is a place for varied animals among others monkeys, big and small reptiles, and multicolored birds including Nicobar pigeon which cannot be found in other places of Indonesia.


Beaches in Weh Island are very varied and very appealing to visit. The nearest beach to Sabang town is Pantai Kasih (Coast of Love). About two kilometers towards southwest is a stony beach occupied with many coconut trees that go all along the peninsula. All along this peninsula you can find some remains of World War II in the form of fortresses for heavy weapon such as cannon.
Following coastal line about two kilometers, we are welcome by Tapak Gajah (Elephant Footprint) beach. If we go onward, we will come to Coast Sumur Tiga (Three Wells) beach. The smooth white sand and clear sea water are very ideal for swimming and snorkeling. About two kilometers from Sumur Tiga beach is Ujung Kareung beach. Here you can find many coral reefs, coral fish, and also starfish. The other beautiful beach can be found in Gapang. This is a beautiful wide white sandy beach near Iboih village, western part of Sabang town.

Coastal Cave

There are some natural caves in the west coast of Weh Island located adjacent to Iboih National Park. These caves are facing the ocean and occupied with varied birds, bats, and snakes. Exploring this place by boat, you have to be accompanied by the local people because its location is fairly difficult to be reached and dangerous especially during the months of May and September and at this period strong seasonal west wind usually takes place. However, this condition can be very challenging to cave lovers.