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Year 1881 Sabang was knawn by natural harbor and Dutch established Kolen Station.

Year 1887 Firma De Lange constructed the means of supporting harbor facilities
Year 1895 Free Port was opened and arranged by Sabang Mactscappaij.

Year 1942 Sabang was occupied by Japan and gotten physical damage, Sabang as Free Port was closed.

Year 1950 Sabang was become as Defense Base of Republic Indonesia Maritime

Year 1963 Sabang was became as Free Port by Precident Decreed Number 10 year 1963

Year 1965 Sabang Municipality was formed by Law Number 10 year 1965.

Year 1970

Established the law number 3 year 1970 regarding free trade and free port.

Established the law number 4 year 1970 concern to settle Sabang as the region of free trade and free port.

Year 1985 Status of Sabang status as Free Trade and Free Port Zone was closed by Republic Indonesia govertment through the law number 10 year 1985.

Year 1993 Sabang posision began to be recounted by estabilishment the regional economy coorporation of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) .

Year 1997 Implemented of Science and Technology Jamboree of BPPT in Sabang to reanalyzed Sabang development.

Year 1998 Sabang City and Pulo Aceh sub district was become as Integrated Economy Development Zone (KAPET) together with other KAPET, was announced formally by Precident BJ Habibie on Precident Decreed number 171 on September 26th, 1998.

Year 2000
The issuing Sabang as Free Trade and Free Port Zone by Pesident KH. Abdurrahman Wahid in Sabang and estabilished the Precident instruction number 2 year 200 on January 22, 2000.

Published the goverment regulation replaced the law number 2 year 2002 on September 1, 2000 concerning Sabang Free Trade and Free Port Zone.

Published the law number 37 year 200 on December 21, 2000 concerning Sabang Free Trade and Free Port Zone.