Tuesday, November 6, 2007




The potency of livestock that can be developed in Sabang’s area is poultry breeder especially purebred chickens and ducks. In spite of being carried out traditionally, this poultry breeder is covering extensive breeders and can assist the local people’s economy. The direction of poultry breeder is preferably based on the pattern of PIR-NAK which can help the need of working capital and the development of means of livestock for the farmers of medium up to low level with business unit of 1000 - 5000 animals per farmer for one business cycle.

The breeding type of ruminants like cow, buffalo and goat is intensively carried out by local people as a side-job business. Since the marketing of big livestock is sufficiently potential especially for the region of Aceh and Medan and its environs, it can be potentially improved either from the viewpoint of cultivation, the farmers’ skill, institution or capitalization.

The availability training centers for increasing the skill of local people becomes an important matter. In addition, the improvement of their access to the source of capitalization also needs to be carried out in order to increase livestock sector. Based on the aforementioned matter, livestock sector, despite non pre-eminent one, can be made a sector that can improve the people’s earnings by means of PIR (People’s Core Business) and having other capitalization.